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Dressed To The Nines



~San Francisco

~19 years

~Check out my blog? Of course i will, I LOVE checking out new blogs! BUT you do have to be following me before i check it out. Also if you send me this message and i do not respond to you, it’s not because i am ignoring you, i simply cannot answer every message that is sent. So please don’t be offended if i don’t reply, but i will ALWAYS check out the blog!

~Who made your banner? Found the picture floating around tumblr. If it is your creation please message me if you would like me to take it down. Please have proof it is yours!

~Promo 4 Promo, Blog Of The Week? No, sorry. I use to but i am not doing any of these things anymore. If you want to know why,read this.

~Banner? Sure but you HAVE to give me credit in your faq or something, and you must tell me what type of fonts you want and what type of picture.

~Follow me? sorry i don’t follow on request, but i will def check out your blog!

~Rate my blog? Sorry i don’t believe in rating other people’s blogs either. i think everyone has a different perspective on things so it wouldn’t be fair to make a judgement about someones blog. BUT i will give you my opinion!

~Advice, questions? You guys can come to me for anything. anon or not. if you need someone to vent to or advice or just someone to listen, i will always be there and i will not judge.

~if you want me to see something tag it with Urbanreveries and i will see it! If you guys have any other questions or concerns feel free to message me. I don’t bite, I promise!!


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